These Are that Make Teens often Less Confident

Working as a psychologist makes me know a lot of about people’s character and behavior, including teens. I think teens are unique because in this period, they often upset and get heartbroken easily. Besides, they often prioritize the prestige and feel less confident.

Anyway, lack of confidence that is experienced by teenager is influenced by many things, such as:

Dull face. When the face looks dull, the teenagers prefer to sit at home than to go outside. The goal is definitely to get their facial skin brightness back. In addition, they usually look for various ways to whiten the face either naturally or medically.

Body odor. Do you feel comfortable if you sit or hang out together with somebody who has body odor? Of course, you don’t.  Even, you might keep away from him or her, right? Yup, this problem can also make teens less confident, especially if they have a lot of activities inside and outside school. As the solution, they usually use deodorant.

Dark armpits. Some teens assume that dark armpits problem is not a big deal as long as they don’t disrobe. However, this is a serious problem because their appearance will look uninteresting. To solve this problem, I suggest using natural methods, like rubbing lemon or cucumber routinely and avoid using deodorant carelessly. By doing these, armpits will look bright and teens can be more confident.

If you still need more information about how to whiten dark armpits, you are highly recommended to visit Hopefully, by knowing this information, you can avoid losing confidence.

Favorite Activities on Christmas

Likewise, the party is normally like Idul Adha and Fitri, Nyepi Day, Waisak Day, or other conventions which have special actions, Christmas Time also. What actions identic with Holiday? Read the reason below.

Eat together. Not only this, Holiday likewise identic with a great meal together with a big household or discussed with people in need. It’s never to utilize this is of Christmas to generally share with others. In this instance, in place of needing to make for themselves in huge volumes some individuals typically decide to work with a catering company.

Enhance Christmas trees. The Christmas tree represents eternal life and is definitely symbolic of religious life to be able to expand, as the only Holiday tree whose leaves don’t fall-off in the wintertime.

Exchange gifts. When you hear the phrase Christmas is just a surprise that involves mind, don’t you think? Right. It’s very identic to change Christmas gifts with nearest and dearest. Santa Claus is really a number that will be identic with the usage of a redshirt, features a thick white beard and mustache, and holding a bag filled with presents.

Want to buy unique Christmas gifts? Buy cetak mug Jababeka.


Client Retention Tips

Having several dedicated consumers is thought by all-business entrepreneurs both traditional and online people. Sadly, customers’ needs are unstable this means consumers could be convinced with some other items quickly in order that they start getting a different one anytime and may end utilizing a product. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve to understand about any of it and attempt to maintain your entire loyal and clients by making use of client storage recommendations below:

Offer comfort to transaction. Occasionally, so customers feel dissatisfied fee is frequently end transaction since business people don’t give great charge card providers or managed by customers effectively and don’t wish to accomplish transaction nowadays. In order to avoid these difficulties, provide fee ease through the use of business services and bank card processing services from trusted and well-known corporations.

Supply buying deals. You might believe that offering discount you could attract many buyers but you need to find out that it’s not necessarily powerful. Your goods might be left by shoppers particularly if ridiculous savings are offered by your competition, like up to 70%. As a result of this, besides presenting discount, like employing purchasing deals, it’s healthier to offer another solution.

Present special deals. Besides delivering good quality goods, supplying promotions for clients who usually do purchases is crucial. Nonetheless, it cannot imply that you’re not necessary to offer promotions to clients. When possible, provide the same presents for them also. Keep in mind that it’s not required to offer promotions to consumers. It is possible to present presents on vacations and vacations. Besides, ensure that you don’t using this method get reduction.

Thinking about Attending a Workshop?

Have you been a kind of individual who usually yawns throughout a conference or workshop? Well, you’re not alone, but you need certainly to change this terrible habit quickly. In a gathering or convention, you need to understand the subjects and provide factor. Meanwhile in a seminar, you have to be considered a great seminar attendee due to two primary goals below:

Develop community

As previously mentioned above hence, in the event that you often dislike workshops or are reluctant to go to one, recognize the advantages and reasons of it. Don’t neglect to take notes during workshops discover and to remember what you’ve got.

In a workshop, you’ll fulfill numerous people who has got the same objectives and interests. If you should be starting a company workshop is a superb marketing opportunity. Possibly, you are able to develop a close connection and begin a collaboration with other workshop participants. Seems helpful, right? Perhaps, if they’re more capable than you you may trade your ideas and also study from them.

Find motivated and influenced

You will find creativity and enthusiasm to enhance oneself so long as you focus on the entire issues at seminar and utilize them easily in your actual life, by attending a seminar.

Visiting a workshop primarily seeks to have motivated and influenced from experts. You’ll discover a great deal concerning the subject of the workshop in the speakers who’re knowledgeable and skilled in the area. They may tell you new issues you must affect be considered a greater person, techniques and tips, and an excellent success story.

Requirements of Excellent Home

How will you reach stay home now? Does acquiring money? Does obtaining loans? It’s appropriate that convenience is provided by you like a homeowner carrying out a number of strategies to make your house you inhabit currently regardless how you get home.

A comfortable home could be translated being an excellent home, don’t you believe? Discuss ideal home, knowing what standards the ideal home?

Power-efficient household

The perfect house is energy -efficient properties. Along with price range saving, power-efficient properties will also be in a position to decrease global-warming. How? By buying diesel positioned on the ceiling of your dwelling. Solar is really software that will produce power from sunlight.

Healthy home

Perfect property could be stated that the noise could perhaps create the residents well-protected from numerous diseases were skin diseases since asthma as a result of heavy dirt and the moist conditions there. How do you ensure it is home to become healthful?

  1. Clean routinely. It’s recommended to wash your house on an everyday schedule, in order to avoid soil and dust.
  2. Add yard. Air pollution, obviously we cannot prevent such thing as air pollution, particularly when you are dwelling on-the-edge of the road. Nevertheless, it’d not hurt if you should be trying to find methods to decrease them. The secret? By the addition of a garden within the entry of the house, or could make a tiny garden within the house. You are able to place clean flowers in the sides of the room, when the room isn’t feasible.
  3. Adequate oxygen ventilation. Not simply produce the area heat inside your home becomes rigid, sufficient ventilation is also made light of sunlight may enter easily.

Should You Reward Yourself?

Your boss might say you are a good worker. Your colleagues probably love to get along with you due to your creativity and productivity at work. In short, you are now proud of being a successful employee. What should you do, then? Well, in this situation, people usually give a reward to themselves for their hard work and good achievement. How about you? Have you ever thought about rewarding yourself? Should you really do it?

The answer is likely yes. All people including you are highly suggested to do self-reward after achieving a goal for the following purposes:

  • Self-motivation. What do you feel when you now that you’re going to get a reward? You’ll surely work harder and keep improving. For instance, I’ll go abroad if my business successfully reaps $15,000 each month. The fact is employees will do their best to achieve the goals to get the reward. Yes, rewarding ourselves function to give motivation and support.
  • Stress relief. Reward is identical with something interesting. It can be started from the simplest one, like eating at restaurants or buying new books, until the greatest one, like traveling all around the world. In shorts, self-reward likely aims to make our life more enjoyable. After we work hard to achieve our goals, we can relieve stress by rewarding ourselves.

So, what kind of reward will you give to yourself? Remember, self-reward should be done just every now and then because it tends to waste your money. Don’t be tempted to spend too much penny for rewarding yourself, okay!

My Activities This Weekend

What do you do this weekend? Do you plan to hang out with your special someone or go for shopping? Whatever your answer is, make sure that you do useful activities, okay! For me, I will do these activities this weekend.

Visit my sister. Since she got married couple months ago, I don’t meet her again because now she lives in another city. Because I miss her, I plan to visit her this weekend. I already call her and she permit me to visit her.

Harvest my fruit garden. I like farming. In my garden, I plan fruits, like strawberry, melon, and orange. This weekend is the right time to harvest those fruits. I plan to sell some of garden produce, so you can earn money. Meanwhile, some others will be consumed and gave to my families and friends.

Ride a bicycle. This is the simplest sport that I like. I ride my bicycle to go to garden and soccer field.

Mengapa Orang Beli Souvenir saat Liburan?

Salah satu hal yang nggak ditinggalkan beberapa traveler saat liburan adalah beli souvenir buat dibawa pulang. Nggak peduli apa, yang jelas harus ada deh yang dibawa.

Mengenai ini, ada yang beli hanya untuk dirinya sendiri, ada juga yang beli lumayan banyak buat diberikan sama orang lain, seperti pacar, keluarga, dan teman-teman dekat. Bagi yang punya uang sedikit atau ehm…pelit, beli untuk dirinya sendiri cukup. Apa sih tujuan beli souvenir?

Souvenir adalah kenang-kenangan dari tempat liburan yang pernah dikunjungi traveler. Bisa disimpulkan kalau tujuan membelinya adalah supaya ada kenang-kenangan alias bahan ingatan kalau mereka pernah ke suatu tempat. Kalau ditanya sama orang, mereka juga punya bukti sebuah souvenir so mereka nggak dibilang hanya mengada-ada. Walaupun bisa juga mereka dikasih orang sih. Hehehe..

Selain itu, buat orang yang pernah ke suatu tempat liburan, membeli souvenir akan menimbulkan sebuah kesan tersendiri. Ada rasa bangga. Ada juga antisipasi kalau-kalau mereka nggak akan bisa lagi liburan ke sana. Kan sayang kalau nggak ada yang dibeli.


Berkunjung ke Cagar Alam Kepulauan Krakatau, yuk

Bicara soal Lampung? Bumi kedaton resort adalah tempat wisata yang amat terkenal. Siapapun tahu itu. Nah, makanya ayo kita kenalan dengan tempat wisata Lampung yang belum terlalu terkenal, yaitu Cagar Alam Kepulauan Krakatau (yang meliputi pulau Rakata, Panjang, Sertung, dan Anak Krakatau) yang berada di di Selat Sunda diantara Pulau Jawa dan Sumatera.

Cagar alam ini bisa dicapai dari Lampung dan Jawa. Kalau dari Lampung, Cagar Alam Kepulauan Krakatu bisa ditempuh dengan jalur perjalanan terminal Rajabasa-Kalianda-desa Canti-Cagar Alam Kepulauan Krakatau. Untuk itu, anda membutuhkan waktu sekitar 5 jam.

Lalu, beitu sampai di kawasan cagar alam tersebut, apa yang bisa anda lakukan? Banyak sekali, mulai dari melihat koleksi tumbuh-tumbuhan dan binatang (flora dan fauna) langka yang amat lengkap, berenang, snorkeling, menyelam, berolahraga panjat tebing, melakukan penelitian flora atau fauna, menikmati terumbu karang yang luas dan indah, dll.

Sayangnya, untuk bisa ke sana tidak mudah, anda harus punya surat resmi dari BKSDA Lampung. Mengapa? Yuph, benar, karena tempat ini sangat dijaga.

Lulur untuk Memutihkan Kulit Tubuh

Secara umum, luluran adalah salah satu cara untuk memutihkan kulit tubuh. Nah, biasanya banyak orang yang melakuan luluran di tempat spa atau salon kecantikan. Namun, tentu saja cara ini akan mengeluarkan anggaran yang tidak sedikit, bukan? Padahal, ada cara yang bisa menyiasati untuk luluran murah. Dengan cara apa? Yup, luluran di rumah dengan bahan alami.

Lidah buaya. Faktanya, lidah buaya adalah tumbuhan yang kaya manfaat. Pasalnya, selain untuk menyuburkan rambut dan menghilangkan bekas luka, lidah buaya juga berkhasiat untuk melembabkan dan memutihkan kulit. Namun, untuk melembabkan dan memutihkan kulit lidah buaya harus dicampur dengan beberapa bahan seperti tepung gandum, minyak zaitun, dan air mineral.

Alpukat. Selain untuk dikonsumsi, buah alpukat juga bisa dijadikan untuk memutihkan kulit tubuh loh. Nah, dalam hal ini buah alpukat harus dicampur dengan bahan seperti tepung beras merah dan minyak zaitun untuk kemudian dijadikan lulur.

Wortel. Wortel adalah sayuran yang mengandung vitamin A. Selain digunakan untuk pengobatan mata, wortel juga berkhasiat untuk  memutihkan tubuh loh. Dengan catatan, campurkan wortel dengan beberapa bahan seperti tepung gandum, jeruk nipis, dan minyak zaitun untuk dijadikan lulur.

Nah, cara lainnya bisa Anda temukan di